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We are Hunting and we have a Message....

Who are we?

This is Hunting UK was set up to demonstrate to people what we do, why we do it whilst explaining all the positivity that exists around us and our community.


Concrete buildings and busy roads are not for us. Hunting and the Countryside is something which is deeply rooted in our veins.


Hunting is a major part of our culture and heritage and it is the passing of the knowledge from one generation to the next is what makes it all so special. To know how, why and what is going on in the hunting field takes a long time to learn and a life time to master.


The stories, and events that take place every year are full of positivity and promise and it is here at Thisishuntinguk.org it is our wish to share it all with you. Together then we can help spread the good word world wide.

James Barclay

Chairman This is Hunting UK